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SRS.ShiftSolver.Core Namespace

ShiftSolver is a library for solving staff shift scheduling problems.
Public classConstraintViolations
A collection of violations of a particular constraint for an individual employee. These are the constraints such as those specified in an employee's contract. For example, shift length constraints, shift start time constraints etc.
Public classEmployeeViolations
A collection of violations for an individual employee. The constraints are from the employee's contract and day on/off and shift on/off requests.
Public classOtherViolation
A violation of a constraint other than the constraints which apply to employees' individual schedules. For example a violation of a cover constraint.
Public classScheduleViolation
A violation which occurs in an individual employee's schedule (for example violations of contract constraints). It contains the date, penalty etc for this violation.
Public classShiftChange
Represents a change of a shift. It contains an original shift (if there was one) assigned to an employee and a new shift (if there is one) that has replaced it on this day.
Public classSolution
A solution.
Public classSolutionDiff
The differences between two solutions. The differences include the changes in shifts in the new solution and the violations added to and removed from the new solution. | support